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Wayne Dalton ProDrive Garage Door Opener

This New Model Is Definately Worth Looking At

If you're looking for a well designed, durable Garage Door Opener, that won't wake up everyone in the house when it runs, The ProDrive might be the opener for you.

This opener is loaded with features to add safety, security, and convenience to your home life.

Wayne Dalton ProDrive

Available in Chain Or Belt, The Wayne Dalton ProDrive Opener will open Garage Doors up to eight feet tall. The ProDrive incorporates many of the same features as the I-Drive Opener. With the muscle of a 1/2HP motor, and the strength of a steel channel, the ProDrive is up to the task of lifting even heavier wood garage doors.

Some Bells and Whistles Too!!!

Wayne Dalton Cheap Keypad

Multi-function Wireless Wall Station

The Multi-function wireless wall station controls door open-close, security light on-off, programmable pet access opening, and 10-second closing safety delay. Because of its wireless design, it can be located anywhere in the garage and is easy to install. For more convenience, install two or more.

Wayne Dalton Keyless Keypad

Wireless, keyless entrypad

The wireless, keyless entrypad opens your garage door from the outside by PIN-code. It allows home access for kids without latch keys to forget or lose.

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Did you know that there are over 25 million vehicles equipped with Homelink Control? The Wayne Dalton Pro-Drive Garage Door Opener will easily program to the Homelink in your vehicle.

Wayne Dalton Remote

The 3-button remote-control transmitter for our garage door openers activate up to six different doors or devices. The transmitter is compact enough to mount on your visor or attach to your keychain for great convenience.

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